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10 Ways To Know Quality Counselor Lessons

    Are they more than just a collection of activities?


    What to Consider

    Do your current lessons do the following?

    • Promote student engagement? Do students look forward to your lessons?
    • ​Reflect a high level of best practice?
    • Promote coherence? Or are your lessons and activities pieced together?
    • Allow for monitoring of student progress?
    • Support students’ academic skills?
    • Allow students to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening?
    • Strongly align to State and American School Counseling Association Standards?
    • Encourage reflection through journaling?
    • Allow all students to access the lessons and activities?
    • Provide activities that are a part of a well-thought-out curriculum?
    • ​Reflect a high level of best practice?


    How do your current lessons measure up? 

    Do your lessons promote a Growth Mindset?

    If you could design the curriculum of your dreams and have someone else put the time and energy into writing it for you, what would it include? Dream big!

    Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

    About the Author Linda Kirby, MS, MEd

    An educator for 30+ years. Counselor in elementary & middle school, special education, and crisis. Teacher in K-5, special education, ESL, and gifted. School 504 and testing coordinator. Common Core trainer. Master's degrees in Counseling and Educational Administration. Bachelor’s degrees in Elementary and Special Education.

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