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Our Family

We're Better Together!


My story would be incomplete without telling you about my family. Our business is truly a family endeavor. Each one of us contributes in our own unique way. My family and our business consists of my husband, adult sons, our dog Reggie, and me. We live outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Our younger son lives in Illinois.


My husband, Myron, and I have been married for more than 40 years. Myron handles the website development. He has a degree in accounting, many years in bank operations, management, software development, and consulting.


Adam is our older son with autism. He is the content supervisor and the support side of the business. Adam attempts to keep us organized. He also is the company dog (Reggie) wrangler.


Aaron is a professional actor living in Chicago. He handles the layout, illustration, design, and animation of our website and materials. He holds a BFA and an MFA and is grateful for the opportunity to creatively engage with you and your students.


Reggie is our MaltiPoo. He brings pure energy and excitement to life. He likes to be involved in the business and everything else going on. It is hard to type when he wants to sit in your lap and help with the keyboard.