K5C – Self-Help


Are you making the effort to unstick yourself from the mud?

Unit Goals

  • Belief in development of whole self, including a healthy balance of mental, social-emotional, and physical well-being
  • Self-confidence in ability to succeed
  • Demonstrate critical-thinking skills to make informed decisions
  • Demonstrate ability to assume responsibility
  • Demonstrate ability to work independently
  • Demonstrate effective coping skills when faced with a problem
  • Demonstrate advocacy skills and ability to assert self, when necessary
  • Demonstrate personal safety skills
  • Demonstrate social maturity and behaviors appropriate to the situation and environment

Hercules and the Wagoner

Adapted from Aesop’s Fables by K5 Counselors

Instructions: Counselor should allow students to take time to first silently read his or her part, before taking turns reading aloud. If you have students who are not yet reading, they can participate through listening.

Characters: Farmer 1 – 6, Hercules 1 – 5


Farmer 1: 

 I was driving my wagon along a miry country road after a heavy rain.

Farmer 2:

The horses could hardly drag the load through the deep mud, and at last came to a standstill when one of the wheels sank to the hub in a rut.

Farmer 3:

I climbed down from my seat and stood beside the wagon looking at it but without making the least effort to get it out of the rut.


Farmer 4:

All I did was to curse my bad luck and call loudly on Hercules to come to my aid.


Hercules 1:

I appeared and spoke to the Farmer.

Hercules 2:

Put your shoulder to the wheel, man, and urge on your horses.

Hercules 3:

Do you think you can move the wagon by simply looking at it and whining about it?


Hercules 4:

I will not help unless you make some effort to help yourself.


Farmer 5:

And when I put my shoulder to the wheel and urged on the horses, the wagon moved very readily.


Farmer 6:

Soon I was riding along in great content and with a good lesson learned.


Hercules 5:

Self-help is the best help.

Activity: Self-Help is the best help

Instructions: Read and discuss each scenario below. How can you use self-help in each case?

  • Jose reads the math problem. It is super challenging. He doesn’t know what to do. He could raise his hand and ask for help, but the teacher is busy, Tell Jose how to use self-help.
  • Jaimee is riding her bike. She is as the end of the block near her house, and she gets a flat tire, and yelling will not bring help. Tell her how to use self-help.
  • Ben is supposed to make himself breakfast. The cereal box is too high to reach. Tell Ben how to use self-help.
  • Cara is supposed to make herself a sandwich for lunch. Her mom worked the night shift and is sleeping. She is out of bread. Should she wake her mom, or can she use self-help?
  • Jack is making a glass of chocolate milk. He pours too much and milk over-flows onto the wood floor. What can Jack do to help himself?
  • Sophie forgot to write down her homework assignment, and she knows that is due tomorrow. What can she do for self-help?
  • Emma goes to get in her bed, but it has no sheets. Her Grandma is sick and is asleep. What can she do for self-help?
  • The big kid on the bus tells you that you must give him your lunch. What can you do for self-help?
  • You are supposed to take a bath, but you are out of soap. What can you do for self-help?
  • You are at home with your older sister. She is on her iPhone and tells you not to bother her. You fall and skin your knee. What can you do for self-help?
  • It is time to take the spelling test. You are not supposed to talk during the test. You can’t find a pencil. What can you do for self-help?
  • You are running on the playground at school, and your flip-flop shoe breaks. The teacher is not available to help you. What can you do for self-help?
  • You lose your lunch money on the way to school. What can you do for self-help?
  • You can’t find any clean socks and it is time for the bus. What can you do for self-help?
  • You are playing in your yard. You see a snake right by the back steps. You don’t know if it is venomous. What can you do for self-help?
  • You are walking to the park to meet with your friend. A car drives up and tells you to get inside. What can you do for self-help?

Pause to Ponder

    Can you think of anything in your daily life that needs focused self-help? What steps can you take to help improve your situation?

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