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Welcome to your elementary school counselor community. Our content is created by a certified K-12 school counselor who knows the many hats that today’s counselors must wear.
The community, lesson plans, and resources are designed to meet a great variety of counselor needs. They’re not abstract theories from someone who hasn’t experienced the challenges firsthand; this content has been created by a school counselor and teacher with more than thirty years experience, who understands the evolving needs of today’s classroom and school campus.
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Ages & Stages

of Childhood Development


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(3rd - 5th Grade)

A little about us

My life long passion has always been to teach. Across more than 30 years as an educator, I have been fortunate to encounter seemingly every type of learner and learning style. Through this firsthand experience, both personally and professionally, I’ve refined the necessary tools to help you to work with your students to harness their endless potential, while dealing with the hurdles that may come up along the way. With the help of my own family’s wide array of talents and technical savvy, K5 Counselors exists to help you. I’m profoundly grateful you’re here. Welcome!

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