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How and where should I start if I want to write my own school counselor curriculum? If I buy curriculum, what should it include?

Searching For Curriculum

    Have you been scouring the internet looking for lesson plans? There are some out there, but they are only “plans”. What you need is all the things that go with a lesson plan. That includes lessons, activities, and assessments.

    So you are now thinking, I will just write them myself. Where do you start? Now you need a plan on how to write your lesson plans, lessons, and activities.

ASCA Standards

    You must think about what you want the students to know, understand conceptually, and be able to do to show they understand. Begin first by making sure you are working with the school counseling standards as the focus. Use your state standards as well as the ASCA mindsets and behaviors for student success. Here are important items to consider as you write your own material:

  1. Consider high expectations for your students.
  2. Align your writing of materials with standards and assessment in mind.
  3. Your lessons need to prepare your students to become college and career ready.
  4. Lessons should align with reading, writing, speaking and listening to build students’ academic skills.
  5. Create learning experiences: plan with the end in mind, consider what you will be doing during the lesson; consider what the students will be doing; what will the learning environment look and sound like during the lesson and activities; how will you know the students learned and understood.
  6. Are the activities equitable for all students: general education, English Language Learners, gifted learners, and students with special needs?
  7. Are the lessons comprehensive and coherent? Do they align vertically from one grade level to the next?
  8. How can you track data on students who require intervention?
  9. Prepare lessons and activities that will engage your students through their interest.    

Are you ready to write... or are you?

    I have created lessons based on classic children’s literature. What did it take to cover the whole school year for grades Kindergarten through 5th grade? 

    In order to provide for a classroom lesson every other week, it required 4 units per grade. Each unit consists of 4 to 8 lessons. In the older classes, you have to prepare more material because they read much faster.

    The rough drafts took hundreds of hours. Then proofing and making them visually engaging added even more.

Rethinking writing your own?

Free Lesson - "Wizard of Oz"

    I created a sample lesson from my 5th grade series. It is only a portion of the unit, but it should give you a good example of a quality lesson plan & lesson. Enjoy this lesson for free! Your students will love going on this adventure with Dorothy and her friends through this classic story, while developing mindsets and behaviors for self-sustaining success.

    To get the free sample lesson, go to the Contact Page and send us a message. Enter your name, email address, and let us know that you want the “Wizard of Oz free lesson”.

Pause To Ponder!

Whether you are still wanting to “build your own” or are looking to purchase, it would probably be nice to look at examples and samples to get inspiration.

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